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Semi-Permanent Makeup (Micropigmentation) applied to the eyeline gives confidence with beautiful smudge free eyes right around the clock. Imagine never having to worry about the ‘naked eye’ look that most of us hate when just stepping out of the pool on holiday for example, or waking up looking bare next to the man in your life.

This is a great choice for those of you who have trouble wearing makeup or watery eyes, or those who’s sight is not as good as it used to be in applying eyeliner, or just those of you who simply wish to look your best at all times. I will fully cater to your individual needs with any look you wish to achieve. PLEASE NOTE Semi-Permanent Eyeliner is available in a variation of colours, not just black.

Lash Line Enhancement / Basic Eyeliners Top or Bottom £200. Both £250 + touchup £50

This can look very natural within the lash line to simply make your lashes appear fuller and darker. If you wish you can choose to have a thicker eyeliner, applied above the lash line, or if you wish I can graduate it slightly thicker towards the outer edge for a more glamorous look, with no extra cost.

Designer Eyeliners aka Winged Eyeliner/Latino Flicks Additional £25 on top of Basic Eyeliner + touchup £50

For those who require a more dramatic enhancement. Latino Flicks can be applied as subtly or as heavily as you wish. I will draw it on first for you to decide exactly how you would like it.

Smokey Eyeliners/Eyeshadow Introductory offer £125 + touchup £50. To add a basic bottom eyeliner, additional £50. Clients who already have eyeliner and wish to add a smokey effect £50 only.

This can be subtlety applied, or really quite heavy and sexy. Various colour shading is available.

A consultation is usually provided on the same day as your treatment, so if you’re happy with everything, we can go straight ahead.

All information and everything you need for aftercare will be provided on the day of your treatment.

If a touch up is necessary, it is performed between 6 weeks up to 3 months after your initial treatment for £50

My Semi-Permanent Makeup lasts 3-5 years, sometimes longer, before needing a colour boost.

A future colour boost can be performed anytime after the 3 months for £150