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Loss of lip definition?  Uneven lips?  Loss of colour?  Thin lips?  Lipstick bleeding into your fine lines?  All of these problems are very common and I can easily take care of them with Semi-Permanent Makeup (Micropigmentation).

If your looking for a fuller pout why bother plumping your lips with fillers that only last 6 months at best when I can make your lips instantly appear fuller with Semi-Permanent Makeup lasting years!

Imagine not ever having to re-apply your lipstick all day long, no more smudging or bleeding into fine lines. Then if you wish to change your colour for different outfits you can of course simply apply different colour lipsticks over the top with the comfort of knowing that when they wear off you still have your Semi-Permanent Makeup underneath keeping you looking perfectly groomed at all times.

Full Lip Tint £300 + touchup £50 (including the initial lip line)

Imagine permanently having the beauty that a little colour brings to your face. Just slick on a bit of lip gloss and off you go! A Full Lip Tint can be done in a very natural colour or very vibrant, depending on your taste requirements. If necessary it can be taken slightly outside the border to subtly give you fuller looking lips, as demonstrated on my before and after photographs.

Lip Blush £250 + touchup £50 (including the initial lip line)

Lip Blush is the lip line softly shaded towards the centre of your lips. I have a large range of colours to choose from and all will be discussed and decided on your consultation. A Lip Blush can also be taken slightly outside the border if necessary to give the illusion of fuller looking lips.

Ombre Lips £300 + touchup £50

Ombre is using 2 colours. A darker outer colour blending into a lighter tone towards the centre of the lips, giving a ‘pouted’ effect. Any colours you want are available. Ombre lips can also be taken slightly outside the border if necessary to give the illusion of fuller looking lips.

Lip Line Enhancement £200 + touchup £50

A natural looking lip line can really define the lips and when skilfully applied, give a fuller more shapely appearance.

A consultation is usually provided on the same day as your treatment, so if you’re happy with everything, we can go straight ahead.

All information and everything you need for aftercare will be provided on the day of your treatment.

If a touch up is necessary, it is performed between 6 weeks up to 3 months after your initial treatment for £50

My Semi-Permanent Makeup lasts 3-5 years, sometimes longer, before needing a colour boost.

A future colour boost can be performed anytime after the 3 months for £150