Nipple & Areola Art

Ladies may require Nipple/Areola Art following a mastectomy for example. Or if one breast is not symmetrical to the other in that region. Some ladies require this procedure to simply enhance the colour of their existing nipples and areolas or wish to have their areolas appear larger or smaller.

Micropigmentation (Semi-Permanent Makeup) is extensively used in the medical profession to give aesthetically pleasing results to unwanted conditions. Some people can be deeply and emotionally affected by their condition, causing them to feel embarrassed, depressed or worried about how others will react.

The change of appearance that can be created with Micropigmentation can greatly affect a persons overall psyche giving them back their confidence and self-esteem

How is it performed and does it hurt?

Firstly your skin will be numbed with a topical anaesthetic cream to provide minimal discomfort. Ink will then be applied to the skin using state of the art digital machinery (each client will have their own disposable needles).


Nipples £250

Areolas £350

Nipples & Areolas £400

It is essential to have an initial consultation for Nipples/Areola’s on a separate day to your treatment.

All information and everything you need for aftercare will be provided on the day of your treatment.
If a touch up is necessary it is performed between 6 wks up to 3 months after your initial treatment for £75.

My Semi-Permanent Makeup lasts 3-5 years, sometimes longer before needing a colour boost.

A future colour boost can be performed anytime after the 3 months for £175.